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Double-Smoked Hard Salami (Sliced)(16 oz.)


Held's Double-Smoked Hard Salami is the perfect addition to any sandwich, wrap, or cheese and sausage tray. Every slice is fi...


Jamaican OR Teriyaki Beef Jerky (7.5oz or 16 oz.)


Jamaican Our Jamaican Jerky is made with the same care as our Original Jerky, but has a style all its own.  It is made from...


Summer Sausage (28oz)


  Our summer sausage has been our most popular smoked sausage for well over fifty years! Made from leans cuts of meat...


Formed Beef Jerky (16oz)



Landjaegers (24oz)


A landjaeger is a very popular snack sausage in Germany. It is made with lean beef, pork, caraway, garlic and other spices.


Original Snack Sticks (24oz)


Original They are made with a unique combination of spices that gives them a little heat, but also a more complex taste that...



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