Beef Jerky – Spicy or Original (Sliced)(8 or 16 oz.)

Our Original Beef Jerky has been made the same way for over 100 years.  It is trimmed from lean beef and then cured in our own proprietary cure that contains a light amount of maple sugar, which gives the jerky a hint of sweetness.   We then season it with ground black pepper, a pinch of garlic, and a dash of onion powder.

We believe it is our smoking process that sets our jerky apart from the competition.  We use four concrete and tiled smoke houses filled with a blend of hardwood sawdust as well as pieces of local hardwood. Once the fire is lit, the jerky will remain in the smokehouse for 48 hours. The end product puts our competitor's jerky to shame with exceptional smoke flavor while retaining the black pepper flavor you crave.

Our Spicy Beef Jerky is made using the same care as our original jerky, but then we add ground red pepper and red pepper flakes to give it a bit of a bite.  Not too hot, but just enough to warm you.


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Beef Jerky